Experiment With Fantasies

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  • Date: 2008
  • Client: Nesė Relax Club
  • Filed under: Art Direction, Commercials
  • Photographer: Tomas Vyšniauskas
  • Agency: Not Perfect
About the Project

Experiment With Your Fantasies – use them on your objects of desire – that was the mood and the challenge for this print. And so the woman scientist, who feeds her object of desire with pills and a rich lovelace were born.

Photographer Tomas Vyšniauskas, producer Vytautas Razma, stylist Lina Jakeliūnaitė, models Vika Volkutė and Vytautas Eitmantis, set artists Aras & Liuka, special effects by Andrzej, agency Not Perfect | Y&R, postproduction by Irmantas Savulionis. Photographed in Labochema, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2008.



Behind the Scenes
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