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  • Date: 2012
  • Client: Velcom Belarus
  • Filed under: Art Direction, Commercials
  • Photographer: Tomas Vyšniauskas
About the Project

A truly huge project for us – from portraits to complex 3d rendered scenes for Velcom – a mobile operator from Minsk.

Photography and Art Direction by Tomas Vyšniauskas, producers Vytautas Razma & Dmitrij Basko (Cuba Studio Minsk), 3d scenes by Aleksey Stepashkin, postproduction by Rimas Šablinskas, photographed in Minsk, 2011.



Behind the Scenes
velcom 11velcom 1velcom 2velcom 3velcom 4velcom 5velcom 6velcom 7velcom 8velcom 9velcom 10velcom 12velcom 13velcom 14velcom 15velcom 16velcom 17velcom 18