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  • Date: 2009
  • Client: Persona Non Grata
  • Filed under: Fashion
  • Photographer: Tomas Vyšniauskas
About the Project

Night, beach, passion and fire. 300 liters of ethanol in flames of love.

Photographer Tomas Vyšniauskas, stylist Lina Jakeliūnaitė, producer Vytautas Razma, special effects by Artiom Grigorian.



Behind the Scenes
Persona Non Grata backstagepersona_non_grata 2persona_non_grata 3persona_non_grata 4persona_non_grata 5persona_non_grata 6Persona Non Grata backstagepersona_non_grata 8persona_non_grata 9persona_non_grata 10persona_non_grata 11persona_non_grata 12Persona Non Grata backstagePersona Non Grata backstage